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The end of an era.

Hi everyone. Remember those interest icons that I kept promising for so long...well I finally have them for you. I may be missing a few but at this point, I just want to post them. I'm sorry if I missed you for some reason and will happily make you one if you point that out to me. You may be wondering what happened to me, or you asked which was really sweet...thank you. I'm fine. I'm just super busy with my life and the drama therein. I've also had trouble because my internet access isn't what it used to be.

Onto the the icons. All are snaggeable and are named after the person who inspired them. I made more than one for some but that was just because I couldn't decide. Enjoy them and thanks for being so amazingly patient. You guys all rock!

I also have an announcement that shouldn't come as too huge a shock since I've mentioned it before I think. I'm not going to be posting in this community any longer. I've just grown out of it and I need a change. I'm going to leave it open for now so that you all can snag older work and in case Lindsey wants to continue to post. I leave it up to you all whether you want to keep it friended and/or want to follow me to my new home. I don't currently have the funds to maintain my own webspace any longer so you may notice graphics disappearing here and there. They will be back up when I can find something more reasonable.

I'm so excited about this new community so I hope some of you will join me there. I'm hoping to make my first post there within a week or so!



omg - is that second to last one eddie izzard? i looks like him....
It is! I thought he should sparkle. :)
omfg! soooo awesome! definitely stolen. will credit!!

ps. would you like to affiliate btw? ogeecons
I'm glad you like it!

This community is pretty much closed but I am moving over to thesassyturtle. Would you like to affiliate with me there?
that's that i meant. lol. i should have been more specific.
Haha that's okay. I thought so but you never know. ;)

I don't have an official list yet but I'll add you to the user info for now. You have a lovely icon comm! :)
Beautiful! Thank you so much!

Also, I added the new community to my Friends' list!
Yay! And I'm glad you like your icon. :)
Oooooh, can I take the faery one?

Turtles are one of my favourite animals! I've already joined!
Yep you can have any of them you want. :)
Love the Eddie icon. It's great!! Sparkly! Snagged it. Will credit.

Are you interested in affiliating? My icon journal is evie_icons
Sure! I'll add you to the info page @ the new community. :)
These are lovely. Snagging the horses and bird!
Yay! I'm so glad you like them. :)
Ack! Love!

Snagging many.

Thank you.^^
I can't believe I missed this post.

Thank you for the Mrs. Peel icon. It's gorgeous.
I'm glad you like it!! :) And I think a lot of people missed this post. That's what I get for not posting in forever and then posting a huge announcement.
I've been super busy with work so that's probably why I missed it.

I'm really sorry if I'm bothering you by posting on your personal journal ... this is sort of a one time thiny. Anyway, I noticed that you're interested in old actors/actresses and movies (and icons!). silver_icontest is looking for some really good entries, or even just voters. We have a solid fan base, but could always use a few new contestants to mix it up a little. The community was created back in 2005 and is under new management.

Er. I hope that makes sense x_x

Anyway, I figured I'd just try. Can't blame me for that, eh? It's a 1 icon per each section of the contest only, which means no multiple winners for the same section along with really great competition. I'm rambling. Go me.

Banners posted when winners are posted every week and on time!

ATM Montgomery Clift / Lawrence of Arabia challenge is ending tonight, and after midnight Katherine Hepburn / Mary Poppins begins. I know, gleeful.

Anyway, thanks for reading this. Yup. And don't throw any rotten fruit at me please @@. Fresh fruit I can live with, but rotten just smells bad ...
So pretty! I grabbed a few, will credit!
I've been gone forever and a day myself.. but I'll be sad to not see more of your graphics. However I do understand life and changing and whatnot so I'm wishing you the best!
I know, I saw that you aren't doing the contest anymore at our_icons! I'm still making graphics, I'm just not posting them here anymore. :)
Ya I opted out of there for a couple reasons. The biggest being that I haven't been online much at all in the past 4 months, and I had a disagreement with someone and felt it was best to leave instead of accidentally create drama. I do miss making graphics. I am hoping to make a website for all my stuff eventually but currently my laptop is dead and all my supplies/resources are there. So does that mean you are posting at thesassyturtle then?
Ooh, loverly... I'll credit the ones I snagged. (Of course.)

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